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The plight of the humble bee. BBC Science Focus, 10/1/2019

Notes from the lab. American Bee Journal, 9/2/2019

Domestic honeybees are driving wild populations of bumblebees to extinction by infecting shared plants with killer diseases. Daily Mail, 6/27/2019

Those honeybees you’re so worried about? They’re killing off wild bee species. Grist, 6/27/2019

Honeybees infect wild bumblebees through shared flowers. Domestic beehives linked to spike in viral infections in nearby bumblebee populations. ScienceDaily, 6/26/2019

Are commercial honeybees making wild bees sick? PBS News Hour, 6/26/2019

Diseased honeybees are spreading infections to wild bumblebees,, 6/26/2019

Commercial honeybee apiaries may transmit viral infections to wild bumblebees through flowers. IFLScience!, 6/26/2019

Why flowers may be partially to blame for the deaths of wild bumblebees. Inverse. 6/26/2019

How honeybees may infect bumblebees, UVM Today. 6/26/2019

Honeybees infect wild bumblebees-through shared flowers. 6/26/2019

Bees kept for honey are killing wild species by spreading disease, study suggests. Independent. 6/26/2019

Alger joins VHB as Environmental Scientist/Pollinator Specialist May 29, 2019, Vermont Biz

Pollinators are Vital to Agriculture May 24, 2019, Lancaster Farming

Bee declines a concern for U.S. food supply May 23, 2019, The Saratogian.

Senate Oks bee-harming pesticide restriction May 7, 2019, Vermont Digger.

Nicholson et al.: Pass Bill H.205 to save Vermont’s bees April 28, 2019, Vermont Digger.

Save Vermont bees: Senators should pass Bill H.205 April 27, 2019, Times Argus.

House approves bill that restricts use of bee-harming pesticide March 26, 2019, Vermont Digger.

Northeast SARE video highlighting my experiment testing the role of flowers in bee virus transmission July 14, 2018, Northeast SARE

Switzer Fellowship Awarded to Samantha Alger July 27, 2017, College of Arts and Life Sciences

2017 Switzer Fellows Announced 2017, Switzer Foundation

The National Honey Bee Survey in Vermont March 21, 2017, Ross Conrad

UVM Scientists Fight Bee Declines March 15, 2016, University of Vermont